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We tested multiple ways to get the books to you as fast as possible.

Our cats were rather slow, couldn’t fly and were afraid of the water. The elves complained about the weather, so we thought of planes. These planes do not belong to us, so we made a deal with them for a limited amount of time.

Delivery is free for now which is what matters here!

The books are printed within 48 hours from the minute you place the order. We ship them as soon as the ink dries!

For local (Cyprus) we can deliver in just 3 days after production! This is because we found magic elves willing to work extra hard this holiday season!

Estimated delivery time globally 7-21 business days. 

If this is an emergency delivery we can use super planes that fly faster. They can deliver to you in 3-4 business days (after production), but these planes want more money. Check out the rates at the check out page.

Have a fantastic time reading your book!

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