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Yasmin J – A Kind Hero Among Us

Here’s the moment to meet a true kind citizen,  with a very big and sensitive heart, filled with love for her surroundings, and lots of generosity!


Compared to what people tend to call heroic, old and new dictionaries -online and not- suggest something additional, that we sometimes forget to consider in our definition of the word. Most people, tend to name heroes those who have fought for their country, those who have won in a battle, those who have saved a life, those who have done something big for someone else or their community, or in other cases, the main character of a book.

Sure enough, hero and heroic stand for the people admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities; the people who have done something brave or good, keeping determined despite any difficulties. However, heroes are also those who treat others in a nice way, sharing happiness through small daily acts of kindness, and ‘drawing’ smiles on others’ faces.

You may have noticed, that this month is dedicated to kindness and all kinds of heroes that live among us. We came up with the #CallForHeroes campaign that aims to give credit to all these amazing human beings and their acts of kindness -small or big-, inviting you to write a story about your hero for our blog, to help promote kindness together!

This blog-post is dedicated to Yasmin J, a true kind citizen we found online; particularly on YouTube. She’s not one of those BIG heroes we tend to think of -or at least we don’t know if she is-, but we know for sure, that she has a VERY BIG and sensitive heart, filled with love for her surroundings, and lots of generosity!

We met Yasmin from a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel back in 2014, called “20 Random Acts of Kindness”. Back then, Yasmin was turning 20 years old, and she decided to celebrate her birthday doing a kind act in honor of every year she lives on this planet! Preparing herself in advance with all the materials she would need, and asking her brother for help with the recording, she did the following small HUGE acts of kindness:

1. Gave out helium balloons to children in the shopping center
2. Gave flowers to mums
3. Paid for an un-expecting child to ride the carousel
4. Left a gift for a dog
5. Put change on the parking meter
6. Paid for a stranger’s coffee
7. Left a Thank You note and cookies for the postman
8. Left a Thank You note and cookies for the Refuse Collection men
9. Cleaned a stranger’s car in the car park
10. Left some pennies face-up, so people would have good luck
11. Left a £5 gift card on a bench for a stranger to find
12. Made a donation to a charity shop
13. Left happy notes on people’s windscreens
14. Gave a little girl a stuffed animal
15. Took a Thank You note and doughnuts to her local Police Station
16. Left change for a drink on a vending machine
17. Hid a £5 note inside a children’s book at a library
18. Baked brownies for her neighbors
19. Left umbrellas around town for a rainy day
20. Made breakfast for her parents

All her kind acts turn Yasmin into a true kind citizen, a BIG hero, and a huge source of inspiration! Reading the comments below her video, many people were inspired to do something similar on their birthdays, or every day! Another thing that makes her special, is that she is kind not only in terms of offering to others but also in terms of being thankful for her life. This is shown indirectly, by doing things for the people who raised her, her neighbors and community, young mums and kids! On her channel, you’ll find another video of her, helping the homeless.

We are so happy to have found Yasmin and bring her video to your attention because we truly believe is so inspiring! It’s also a lesson, that kindness doesn’t draw smiles on others’ face only, but also on our face, and it fills us with happiness, health, energy, and pride!

We are so looking forward to reading your heroes’ stories as well! Find more information, here!

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