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Tips to Guide your Children to Write a Book Review

Help your children develop critical skills and thinking skills by guiding them to learn how to review book.

Children love books. They like holding the books, they like listening to new stories, they memorise each word without even being able to read yet. They are fascinated while listening to a story. Books are very important for them, especially books that contain messages that can help them grow self-esteem, determination, loyalty and many more values that will help them understand this world and even try to make it a better place.

What will help the children to understand better the stories they are reading about, is a book review. By reviewing a book, they have the opportunity to express their opinion and develop their writing and critical skills. In order for a book review to be successful, it needs to have specific elements that will help the reader decide whether to read one book or not.

Here are five tips with necessary questions that will help your children write a simple book review:

Examine Existing Book Reviews
You can find existing book reviews either in the newspaper or online.
Read some book reviews and choose together the main points of each review. You should be in position to ask them to find the below elements:
– Title and author of the book
– A summary of the story
– The reviewer’s opinion
By this way, you encourage them to find the necessary information and be able to recognise what is important and what is not. They will feel proud each time they accomplish finding all the information that is needed.

Identify the Book
Help your children choose the book they want to write a review for. It is important for them to choose the book due to the fact that they must be attracted by the story in order to be willing to write about it afterwards.

Take Notes
In order to be able to remember what they liked or disliked they should try to take notes while reading the book. The notes will be very handy after they finish reading, and will play a big role on the procedure of writing the book review. You can even discuss the book by asking questions if they are too young to write notes.

The Template
Prepare a simple template for them in order to be able to gather their thoughts and understand what they need to mention and what they don’t. You can follow the examples that you saw in the newspaper or online and prepare for them a template that will include 3 parts: the name of the title and author, the summary and the reviewer’s opinion.

Here are some questions that you can ask your children before they start writing the review:
1. Does the title describe in a short way the story of the book?

2. Is there any specific genre? For example, adventure or romance?

3. Does the story include characters that look like some people you know?

4. Was it easy or difficult to read?

5. Does the story promote any specific messages? Like encouraging the characters to be kind with everyone?

6. Do you like the author’s writing style?

7. What did you learn from the story?

Don’t forget that like all other things, your children will need to practice in order to achieve this, and you will see that their writing and communication skills will grow and they will use different ways to express their feelings which is very important to do. You never know how this can help the children in the future; maybe you will end up having the most successful writers and book reviewers in the world to be your children.

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