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This type of gift will make a huge difference to your child and here is why

7 incredible benefits to personalized children’s books series by MyBook Heroes

When we receive a gift, it makes a huge difference if we know the person giving it to us put some extra thought in it! It makes us feel special and wanted.

Who doesn’t like a gift that is personalized especially for them?

Children value products that are made specifically for them because they connect more with the product and it helps them build an identity and discover themselves.

And above all, it is more than just a product, it is a memory, a keepsake and an experience that captures the imagination and the heart!

Introducing the Amazing Personalized Book World to Your Children

Knowing the positive impact personalized books have for children, we decided to take them to the next level and introduce the ‘new generation’ of personalized books that teach children important life skills! Through our books we give each parent an amazing opportunity to gift something extra ordinary to their children!

You are still thinking about it?

That is ok, we know this is a new concept, but they are selling fast and it makes us so happy to see so many proactive parents!

Let us go over the benefits of our books

MyBook Heroes is creating books that take children on amazing journeys where they learn to adopt life skills such as leadership and courage, determination, empathy, communication and so much more!

Each child is the hero in their own adventure, their name is displayed in the book, the character resembles their complexion, they can choose their cover and the parent can add a loving dedication in the end!


7 Incredible Benefits to Personalized Children’s Books Series by MyBook Heroes

Books that Build self-esteem

To start, personalized children’s books build self-esteem and boost confidence. We want our young ones to grow up with a healthy attitude and trust in their own abilities. We want them to truly feel that they are the heroes on their own journey in life! When they see themselves in the story, it is a first impression but important impression to understand this strong message. In seeing themselves in these adventures they begin to understand that it is their responsibility to learn and grow!

Books that ignite Love for Books!

Our books also encourage reading. When your child will see their name in the story they will immediately be more engaged and motivated to read the book and more than one time! We hear from parents on a weekly basis how our books really helped in capturing the child’s attention! They mark the beginning of a truly healthy relationship with literature which helps in vocabulary, focus and critical thinking skills.

Books that boost Vocabulary and Focus

MyBook Heroes books are rich in content, rhymes and illustrations. Our goal is to engage the children in the story and to help them understand the power of words, and true focus.

Introduction to important Life Skills

This is a unique feature to MyBook Heroes! We looked around us and we saw that children’s literature is lacking a structured way to introduce important life skills to our young ones. These skills according to experts need to be introduced early on in life for better results. Therefore we decided to make all our stories rich in messages and content that help your children to learn these skills.

Our first book introduces the Leadership skill set, which is focused on teaching to children how a good leader encourages the team and brings the best out of their team. We want to show that each member of a team, or group of friends has strong unique points and a good leader can see that and guide the team to achieve more!

Our second book, introduces the Courage we have inside of us but we sometimes have a hard time setting it free!

We all know that children have small insecurities and fears as they begin to learn more and more about the world around them, therefore the focus of this book is to guide them through an amazing adventure where they learn to see the courage in themselves! They get to see themselves overcoming obstacles and achieve great things when they dare to walk through the other side of their fears!

Understanding Ownership

This is a hard concept, even for adults. Taking ownership means looking inside for answers and not waiting for external tools. We want children to believe that they can and to take action. We aspire to build a new generation of youngsters that from early on in life takes initiative and makes a difference!

We want to stop the blame game and highlight that we ALL have the power within us to make our dreams come true.

This is an extremely important milestone for children and a critical building block for a successful and happy life!


This is an easy one! We want to create special moments between parents and children, full of excitement and opportunities to have quality conversations!

We tried this with our own children and it was such a beautiful experience! It is truly what we all seek, quality time with our little ones!


Our books, with your special dedication printed in the back, are a true keepsake your children can cherish and look back to as they grow older! They will always remain on their selves, reminding them that they are the hero in their own adventures in life!


Now that you know the power of our books, why wouldn’t you give it a try!

Go ahead and CREATE ONE!

They are unique and special gifts that have the power to impact a child’s life in a positive way!






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