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The Joys of Giving Unconditionally

Discover through this beautiful video, how the small simple gestures of unconditional generosity can transform life, and make it much more beautiful.


On the occasion of closing our #CallForHeroes campaign, we would like to thank every one of you who devoted part of their time to writing the story of their hero; to publicly thank them through our blog, and to give an example to their fellow humans out there.

Our campaign may be coming to an end, but kindness and the alternative concept of heroism -as we tried to promote it- remain and function as a chain in the life of every person who cultivates empathy within them and behaves in a generous and kind way to others.

To close this short campaign and pass the message that offering without expecting something in return is one of the most joyful things life will pay you off one day or another, we have chosen the video above!

For real; have you ever tried the experience of a generous act –one that satisfies and completes your soul?

The spontaneous gestures of generosity are still treated as a gift by those who benefit from them; also a virtue of goodness for each one of us!

Sometimes, a small simple act means much more than a big one. Making small things that cost nothing to us daily, could have a significant impact on our lives and on others’. Giving a gift for example, or taking something for someone without waiting for a reward.

Discover through this beautiful video, how the small simple gestures of unconditional generosity can transform life, and make it much more beautiful.

This article is dedicated to a little girl who chooses her grandfather’s birthday cake, but her grandmother cannot afford to buy it. A man, however, who happened to be at the same store that day, saw the little girl and her grandmother, bought the birthday cake for them, and the rest is just so touching!

The “man in the queue” as he calls himself when he was in his childhood, was also in the same position. His mom could not buy him a birthday cake, and another man bought it for them, with a note saying “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you”

This is the message; offering something, means loving somebody, and only happiness could bring to both, the person who accepts that thing, and offers it. Remember; life will pay you off some time!

And so it happened. After so many years, the boy who had taken the cake from that unknown person did the same thing to the granddaughter of the man who had offered him without knowing it. It is indeed that goodness is like a boomerang; it always returns. The note went hand in hand…

When you offer without expecting any reward, you are already blessed with kindness!

The man has never forgotten that meeting. The meeting with a man, who in our eyes is a hero, and who has done an act of humanity, solidarity and presents a remarkable modesty.

It is also a lesson that goodness does not bring the smile to the faces of others only, but also to our faces and fills us with happiness, health, energy, and pride; which is an example of goodness and very inspiring.

One day, if you are given the chance to help someone, just do it! 😉

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