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Reasons Why Children Lose Focus

We can help children develop a strong healthy mind for a better future.

The increasing inability to concentrate and focus is a major problem that children face especially below the age of twelve. There are several reasons that contribute to this, ranging from insufficient sleep, family environment, poor reading culture and lack of good nutrition. Parents should continually enrich their routines with ways of mitigating child focus problems, such as ensuring proper nutrition and making books and time for reading available to their kids.

Top main causes for lack of concentration in kids

Lack of enough sleep

Kids should have enough sleep. Sleep is the process through which the brain refreshes and repairs itself. Generally, it is suggested that kids should sleep at 8 pm and get up 6:30 – 7:00 am for school.

Family conflicts

Constant family issues and conflicts affect a child’s well-being. The conflicts ultimately lead to poor concentration in kids as they find themselves in the middle of a stressful home environment. Conflicts are unavoidable; however, as parents, we need to make an effort to resolve our marital issues in private.

Vital nutrient deficiency

Nutrients are important, not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. Foods that are deficient in vitamins are likely to affect both the child’s immune system and brain development.

Communication failure

Use of abusive and demeaning words towards kids decreases their self-esteem. Self-esteem is very vital for achieving a kid’s full potential.

Lack of play time

There is a clear correlation between a well rounded and happier kid and participation in moderated games and play activities. This leads us to believe that when children are not given adequate playtime it can affect their self-esteem.

What can parents do to help their kids enhance concentration?

Reading books

One of the most and proven effective methods to remedy attention issues is by encouraging the children to read more books. There are several customized books that can help children to connect with the book emotionally and improve focus. For books to be more effective in helping our little ones with their attention span, they need to be rich in content. Parents can engage their children to read the book or at least ask their children to tell them about the book.

Music to assist in learning

Children love singing and dancing. Both these activities allow children to learn structure in a fun way. Dancing and singing allow children to express their feelings. Music Therapy is also a very common extracurricular activity for many children that have issues with focus.

Proper nutrition

A parent should ensure that they provide their children with a balanced diet. Foods that can help in the overall health of the brain such as dairy foods and vitamin-rich foods such as spinach and fruits should be part of their daily diet.

Proper language when talking to kids

When communicating with kids, keep in mind that they are kids. Use simple language and plenty of examples and avoid too many commands. Introduce healthy books and games that provide opportunities for you to clearly communicate and connect with your child.

Good sleep routine

On average, a kid should sleep for no less than eight hours. They should also sleep in a quiet and serene environment to avoid interruptions. No cell phones, TVs or Computer monitors that emit light. Do not take tablets or other electronics to bed. It might look like an easy solution, but it has long-term negative effects. Choose a book which helps their mind relax and drift off to sleep. Sleep time is also a wonderful opportunity to spend a few moments with the kid and recap the day. If you make going to bed interesting, it will be super easy to establish a fun routine.


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