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Mom, I Do Not Want to Study!

What can we do when our children refuse to do their homework?

All parents, especially the ones that have young children in school, at some point will face the unwillingness and negativity of their children to do their homework. This situation is common and harmless if it happens every now and then, and we know the reasons that cause it in the first place. But what happens when a child continuously denies doing his or her homework, and the whole process becomes a real challenge for all the members of the family?


Correct and meaningful communication is always the key! It helps children to calmly discuss and share their issues  in order to understand why these issues prevent them from studying. You should encourage your child to speak until you reach the bottom of the problem and discover the real reasons behind this approach. Note that before you start worrying that there is something really serious going on with your child, first find out if your child is tired or needs to spend his energy somewhere else, and then to concentrate on his studying needs.


When the studying process takes a lot of time, the child will get bored, tired, and will refused to collaborate, which is normal. One good tactic is to agree with your children that they will study a specific time every day. Inform your children that in this timeframe which you will agree on, they must finish their tasks and to do so, you should give them some healthy motivations. Explain to children that as soon as they finish their tasks, they will have more free time to enjoy by playing.


The overloaded, full of tasks afternoons are exhausting the children. The pressure to complete all these tasks can have a negative impact on them and to their efforts to complete their homework. Try to limit their afternoon activities and keep only the necessary ones, so that your children will have plenty of time to play, engage with their friends and even relax.


In the process of raising children, there are no official rules, neither specific factors that guarantee success. Every child is different and this is the way you should treat it. The only recipe that increases the chances for success is love, patience and a healthy dosage of a good self-esteem!

Here at MyBook Heroes we develop transformative literature that boosts children’s self esteem to help them believe in their abilities as early as possible. We see that when children are secure in themselves they react better to challenges.

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