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5 Ways to Help Children Develop Confidence

The greatest gift we can give to a child is a healthy, positive sense of self.

The greatest gift we can give to a child is a healthy, positive sense of self. When children have a high confidence, they develop into positive, productive and self-sufficient people. Consider the following 5 suggestions as a basic map to help your child grow confidence and self-respect.

Don’t interfere when they do things: We have to develop patience as a parent to allow them to make their own mistakes and learn. By ‘saving’ them, and by interfering when they are trying to do something, we are sending the message that they don’t know how to do it. The more obstacles they overcome the stronger their self-confidence will get.

Allow them to express an opinion: We can start by allowing them to exercise their own judgement. For example, have them pick out their clothes sometimes. Another easy way is to ask them to choose between two different foods. Children need to start making choices at a young age, so they can grow up to trust their ability to choose correctly.

Explain to them that no one is perfect: Imagine thinking that everyone is without fault! It is a very stressful, paralyzing thought. It is critical for our children to know that no one is perfect! This will shape the way they handle failure and their ability to persist. At the end of the day, it is not what happens to us is how we handle it that makes the difference.

Avoid comparisons: This goes without say. But sometimes we all find ourselves mentally or even verbally throwing out comparisons. Each child has individual talents and skills. It is important to nurture those, and allow them to get stronger. This is what makes each one of us unique. As adults, we would not like it if someone compared us with someone doing bigger better things in our age group! Imagine how children feel. I read somewhere that we can judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

Spend time with them: Nothing validates their existence more than their own parent spending time with them! We are their heroes, and when we pay attention to them it shows them that they are important, and that they matter. This will have a direct effect on how they view themselves. Besides, this is what family is about! Sharing moments and being there for each other.


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