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How Can Your Kids Have Fun Doing Chores?

What if doing their chores was really fun? Here are some creative ways to help you out!

Our little humans have to do their chores!

So how can the children be motivated to do their chores and have fun in the process?

Even though I am not a child myself I still struggle to do the chores sometimes.

So I thought, I should try a creative experiment on myself first and see if I can get some joy and satisfaction from doing my chores.

Here are the ways that I tried to motivate myself and my 6 year old daughter.

Now before you read further let me tell you: It worked!

The Gathering of the Dirty Laundry

Place in their bedroom a basketball net and underneath place a laundry basket.  It will be so much fun for them to play ‘basketball‘ with their dirties! No more finding clothes on the floor and all over the place!

All kids enjoy ‘scoring a goal’ so this is an excellent technique to get them to place their dirty clothes in the laundry.

The Fun List of Tasks and Rewards

Make a list of simple chores (to get them started) they can do according to their age.

The list can include: making the bed, dusting their bedroom, collecting and organizing all their toys, clear the table after eating, setting the table before eating, watering the plans, washing the veggies before you make a salad etc.

On a different list, place some rewards. Try to make these rewards not so much about materialistic things, but more quality things. Some suggestions are: allow them to pick a movie for the family to watch, or to choose what is for dinner on a particular day of the week. You can place a few items on the list, like books or toys, but make those the most difficult to attain.

Music, Dance and Clean

Before they begin their chores, put some upbeat music on. You can have fun and even dance around while doing some of the chores!

If you try this for your children I guess ‘Smurfs’ would do or something that they like (suggestion: ask them what they like, and let them choose). The more in control they feel the more likely they are to engage in the activity.

Spend time together

Most kids love just spending time with their parents. They would just cherish the opportunity to help you do something, anything!

Use this sentiment and their willingness to learn from you before it’s too late!

Get them involved in things that you do, and they won’t think of it as a chore, but rather, that they are helping mum and dad.

Remember a little praise goes a long way.

 Rules on the Wall

Unlike to what we might think, children love discipline and rules if they feel that the system is fair all around!

Therefore what might be a good idea here is to place a board of HOUSE RULES in a common area. Some suggestions for these rules are:

  1. If it is on the floor, then it means that we don’t want it, so it goes in the trash
  2. Once a day you need to ask someone if they need help with something and do your best to help them.
  3. If you open it, close it! (this applies to electronics, doors and so much more!)
  4. If you borrow something, you need to return it on time!
  5. Make your own bed
  6. Take your dishes to the sink

Obviously this list can take any direction you want. Most likely each family will place the ‘rules’ that seem the most important for the family to function well together!

If someone breaks the rules, there should be a small consequence so as to enforce the habit of following these rules. Consequences are up to each parent but some good ideas are: no wifi for a few hours, no TV or use of other electronics etc.

Chore Dice

Create some custom made chore dice and place on the simple tasks that any of the members of the family can do, like feed the pet, water the plans, wipe off surfaces etc. You can roll the dice together and see who gets to do what that day!

Work for Hire System

This system is directly linked to a cash reward. You create coupons of Higher Level Chores, like cleaning the fridge or cleaning the bathroom. You know the tasks that no one really wants to do! On each coupon you clip an amount of money.

The children might actually take the coupon and try these more challenging tasks, just because it is so cool to have your own stash of cash when you are little!

This system works best for teens though!

These are some suggestions from personal experiences we have as parents, and from suggestions we received from friends.

We will bring more of these ideas to you as we collect them.

Our best advice after all is said and done, is to make chores a fun situation and not a punishment.



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