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Guiding Children to Develop Determination

Determination is the mother of hope and ambition. It is what can easily separate mediocrity from achievement.

Do you feel frustrated when you see your children abandon every hobby and every school lesson that they finds hard to understand? Do you wish that you could help them go through each difficulty he faces but you do not know how?

You do not have to panic each time your children refuse to retry something that they could not achieve before. You do not have to put pressure on your children because they did not decide yet if they like their new hobby or because they could not understand the math class.

Children work better and try more when they develop determination. It is in our nature to have hope and believe that tomorrow is going to be an even better day than today. This is just a wonderful feeling, and it is there due to the fact that we have goals and dreams and most importantly, we have the passion to achieve them.

With these simple ways you will guide your children to develop determination from a very young age:

Water their Persistence

Children should engage with games that help them grow persistence, and you must be there to guide and embrace them. Puzzles can be the game that can be frustrate to them. Invite them to try and solve one and guide them through the procedure, by providing little tips such as ‘let’s get the corner’s lined up first’. Do not let them quit until they are done with it. Inform them that not everything is solved from the first try. Tell them about our inventors and scientists. Educate them on how many times they tried to succeed and failed but after each fail, they came closer to the solution. Failing keeps us on the road. It is the only factor that really keeps us motivated and teaches what works and what doesn’t. Explain the positive side of the word and be there to encourage them to retry after each failure.

Become an Actor

You are the most important person in the world for them. You are the one that they have the need to please with their accomplishments and you need to be their every time and act surprised and support them for more. You need to show the feeling of surprise to the little accomplishments like an attempt to tie their shoelaces correctly. They will take this reaction positively and set goals on what to do next correctly in order to impress you. In reality, they impress themselves, but they are too young to understand or admit it, therefore, you will be the one to play this role as long as they need you to play it. Be there to recognize every hint of determination, and always embrace them for it.

The ‘Reward’

We always expect to see the results of our achievement. To be focused on the process and do our best to achieve a goal, we have in our minds a crucial motivation, and the motivations is ‘The Reward’. Everyone has received something back after achieving a goal. Either is a moral satisfaction or a prize. Give this motivation to your children. Tell them that each time they succeed in something (we advise to just keep biggest tasks in this category) they will be rewarded. Focus on the moral feelings such us satisfaction, happiness, joy and power. But then of course, you can give them small reward especially if they are too young to understand. Give them a candy (or even better a fruit! If you manage to treat fruits and healthy snacks are a reward please let us know how you did it!), and make the reward look like the most special reward in the world. They will feel special because they earned it. Other ideas are creating a sticker system so they get a sticker and when they complete multiple tasks, they get the reward. It all depends on your personal parenting style and your budget!

The Consequences Strategy

Do not let them escape easily. They have to know the consequences of giving up. We all know that each and every action we make has consequences. When we smile at a person at the store, we make their day more joyful – this is the positive consequence. When we behave badly to an employee at the store because our day wasn’t good, then the employee will have the same day as ours – this is the negative consequence. Making people sad because we are sad is really what we want? Explain to your children what they will lose if they do not try again to achieve what they started. They need to know that their actions and decisions matter and that some of them can influence other people as well. When you see that they do not behave after explaining, then take something from them for a short time period. Something they use frequently, like their videos games.

They will succeed at no time!

The sooner they understand action and consequence the sooner you will be dealing with conscientious children who have awareness and empathy and determination.

Read Books that Demonstrate Determination

Reading is a wonderful way to get the point across. Especially when they are about to go to bed, and you know it, they will try anything to stay awake! This is the perfect time to read a book with them. We are about to release ‘Discover the Determination in You’ which has been carefully crafted and monitored by qualified psychologist during the process, which demonstrates and explains the steps to develop determination.

Let’s not forget that time after time, experts have stated that the single most important skill we need to develop for long-term joy is determination.

The determination is the mother of hope and ambition.

It is what can easily separate mediocrity from achievement.

In every step of the way, the most important advice is that you need to be there for them. Be there, when they cry because they didn’t do well on a school exam, when they are angry because they did not score at their sports tournament, when they feel happy because they made friends, when they feel proud because they tied their shoe-laces.

You are their teacher and judge at the same time. Help them to become the best version of themselves!





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