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Creative Activities to Help Children Develop Determination

Having determination is one of the most important predictors of success. Let’s get started!

Angela Duckworth’s gave a famous talk on Determination as one of the most important predictors of success went massively viral. Her idea on the determination concept made its way into national education policies, and public schools in California even grade schools and students on determination.

But despite determination’s prevalence, Duckworth says the concept is often misunderstood. Duckworth’s definition of determination is “passion and perseverance toward long-term goals,” but she says that people often overlook the passion part.

Here are some wonderful ways we came up after we did our research and tried it with our own families on how to nurture determination and breed passion for long-term goals.

Let’s help our children find purpose

Even if is a short-term purpose it will create the habit of goal setting. Purpose breeds motivation which is the backbone of determination. Here are some really great questions to ask them to help them start thinking about their purpose:

What do you want people to say about you?

Why do you think you were born?

What is it something you can do to help the world?

What would you change in the way your school works?

Encourage your child to have determination conversations

Conversations with other adults of the family, or even with you, about situations where things were hard and how having determination, was the key to finally succeed and resolve an issue or complete a project. Examples, examples, examples!

Watch determination and inspirational short videos

Spend an afternoon and watch videos of people who are inspiring and have achieved wonderful things. Do not just watch it though. Pause the video and have conversations, see if your children have questions and spend time getting to know how these people became successful in life and in their careers. Some suggestions to learn more about are Walk Disney, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey or adjust it to any other big persona your family is familiar with.

Literature is always one of the main pillars

Teach them determination through literature. Our team has recognized Determination is one of the most important pillars for a joyful life filled with lessons and success. Therefore we developed our third book of the series ‘ Discover the Determination in You’ which is a wonderful adventure where our impossible possible team along with your child as the main hero overcome challenges and develop determination to achieve their goal! Truly magical!

Lessons from Nature

Use nature and show them examples in nature where a blade of grass grew against all odd on the sidewalk in concrete! Or how trees and flowers keep coming back after bad weather and they bloom and grow stronger.

Introduce ‘ The Family Challenge’ game

Introduce this in the family routine and you will thank us later for suggesting this!

This is so much fun for parents and adult alike!

For example, each member of the family is assigned a project or a goal with a deadline. Everyone has to achieve that and come together and discuss the results, the difficulties and what solutions they implemented. Suggested challenges can be:


Building of puzzle

Finishing some research

Learning a new skill such as a dance move

Learning how to write a short story, making a painting on a canvas.

The family can even work at the same time, together in one room on their respective projects! Imagine the quality time and the fun this will inject into your daily routine!


Inspire your children to find new passions and try new things. The more they get exposed to as children the better well-rounded and secured adults they become. Also this way they will have an opportunity to identify from a young age what they like and what inspires them. Children tend to be copycats and do what their friends do or what their parents do. Eventually when they grow older and find out that they want to do something else. So be cautious when it comes to signing them up for activities just because their friends are attending.

Let’s teach them determination! It is identified as one of the most important key to long-term joy and success in life.

Now you know that this is a critical pillar to place in your child’s development! Do this now and watch your child develop into an ambitious, motivated and positive adult!

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