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#CallForHeroes – Eleni’s Story

Eleni is back and this time, she opens her heart and fills us with emotions and pride for the humankind. Read her hero story here!

You must have heard about our #CallForHeroes campaign. The campaign we launched on September 1st 2018, with the purpose of showing gratitude to the heroes of your life and spreading the word of kindness through short stories describing their kind acts, big or small.

You must also have met Eleni; Georgie’s Mummy. The incredible mum who shared an inspirational letter with us, some months ago, explaining how the daily reading of books to her older son, Georgie, has helped him to become a reader genius.

Eleni is back and this time, she opens her heart and fills us with emotions and pride for the humankind. It is the first time she speaks about a personal experience she had some months ago, and all this because the people she refers to are the heroes of her life.

Here is her story as shared on her social media on October 22nd 2018:

 “I was asked by MyBook Heroes to write a short piece on who my hero is and why. I immediately thought of so many people in my life I consider heroes. But they wanted me to write about a specific kind of hero, one that has shown me kindness.

My mind raced to an incident that occurred a few months ago when Danny [her son] bumped his head. Allow me to spare you -and me- the details. It was a traumatizing moment for all of us [her family].

I am mentioning it here and now because that evening when I ran into the emergency room with my sleepy baby, something happened that shook me furthermore and in a good way. I discovered that heroes really do live among us. And this is the perfect time to prove it.

A couple of young parents were sitting in the waiting room with their child between them. It was obvious their son had fallen and hurt his mouth quite badly.

As I muttered the basics to the person in charge of admissions, it was their turn to see the doctor. I had just finished telling the story of what had happened when I saw them point at me and my baby. They were waving me in to see the doctor. They were selflessly giving up their spot for us.

I cried that evening quite a lot. I cried sadness but mostly I cried happiness because of one single act of selfless kindness that I couldn’t forget and how it showed me that it is still good in this world. There’s still hope.

I couldn’t thank them enough although I did try through the sobbing and runny nose. I still think of them.

They’re my heroes, you know? Respect ❤👊❤

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Eleni! This is incredibly emotional by your side and extremely kind by their side!

If you are reading this and you also have a hero story to tell, just drop us an email. Our #CallForHeroes campaign ends on November 2nd 2018. Learn more about it here.

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