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Call for Heroes

Give credit to that amazing human being that has made your life better through an act of kindness. Small or big. They deserve recognition.

The idea for our #CallForHeroes campaign has come from the initiative to promote kindness as a quality that everyone should have, including children. Perhaps you don’t notice, but every single day, a million acts of kindness happen across the world.

A million people, who for us are heroes, they mean a lot to somebody else, because they simply offered their seat to an elder person in a crowded bus, or in a more serious case, they took the difficult decision of participating in a transplantation to save someone else’s life.


Let’s throw some shiny light on these amazing people who live among us, and have their act of kindness shared on our blog, for other people to see them as exemplars!

“The world doesn’t change by our opinion, but by our example!” -Paulo Coelho

Here’s what you need to do in order to get featured on our blog: 

1. Think of an act of kindness that happened in your life, by a person you now call your hero
2. Then write a short essay, describing this act of kindness and how it made you feel
3. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CallForHeroes and tag @mybookheroes. Or send us your story at
Receive a little gift for your participation and your Hero
5. Get your story published on our blog, and your hero’s act to be spoken-out to our precious community!



We can’t wait to read your stories, get inspired and inspire others with your heroes’ acts of kindness!

Let’s #CallForHeroes, and promote kindness for everyone, together!


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