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Back To School Tips for Parents

Here are 10 ways to help your children hit the ground running academically this school year. The idea is to retrain their brain and take any fear away, and this is how to do it.

As summer comes to an end and another back-to-school season begins, most kids are excited to see their friends and teachers again. For parents though, and especially for parents with freshmen students, this is not as exciting. It is rather stressful, panicking, and difficult to handle!

Yes, it might be hard to get back into a regular schedule, but there is no need to worry. Here are 10 ways to help your children hit the ground running academically this school year. The idea is to retrain their brain and take any fear away, and this is how to do it:


1. Reset their Sleep Patterns

This is one of the most important and most difficult tasks a student’s parent has to accomplish. Sleep patterns are crucial for reaching peak performance during the first class period, and maintaining it until the bell rings to go home; so make sure to start the process of regular sleep sooner than later. 7-10 days prior the first day of school are enough!

2. Reset their Eating Habits

Eating healthy is as important as sleeping well for your little student, yet less difficult. The classic set of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, after-school snack prior to homework, needs to be implemented, to help the child maintain a high level of energy throughout the day. 7-10 days before school begins are great to begin this process!

3. Set Academic Goals

Of course the goal is to have a successful academic year and maintain good grades, but what are their specific goals? As parents, it is important to initiate dialogues with our children, even to encourage them to set goals and inspire them to be determined to achieve them. Establishing goals is one of the hallmarks of a champion. Give it a try; ask your kid “What would you like to achieve this school year, sweetheart?

4. Warm Up their Brain

Once your children have set their goals, it is important to draw the corresponding strategies and tactics for reaching them. This is not as easy for them; they need your help. The exercise of the brain is one of the most effective tactics to prepare them for the new chapters of each class; especially after a 3-months-break. Reset the studying process at least 7-10 days prior to the first day of school, using clever tools and fun activities, like books, puzzles, quizzes, and more, to warm up their knowledge.

5. Get School Supplies Together

Having the right supplies makes children feel prepared for school and gives great insight into the schoolwork ahead. So what’s better than drawing a list together and take them on a special shopping trip? These simple pleasures make going back to school a lot more fun and bring the excitement on your freshmen’s face as well! ☺


6. Visit the School

It’s always easier to cope with a new thing, if we get accustomed to its environment. Based on this idea, make sure you don’t miss any open house organized by your children’s school. Take it as an opportunity for them to explore the place or show it to you, and socialize with their classmates; and for you to meet their (new) teacher, and talk with the other parents.

7. Meet their (new) Teacher

Most kids are worried about their (new) teacher, we guess the same as you. Meeting their teacher is critical as it breaks the ice early and helps boosting their confidence to get in class (again). Take advantage of the school’s open house, start and keep a consistent communication with the teacher throughout the year, to know everything about your children’s academic performance.

8. Set Priorities

One of the best ways to achieve this, is by creating a calendar that tracks everyone’s activities and commitments in the family. Of course studying must be the number one priority of your kids but don’t forget that they need some free time to exercise their hobbies, meet up with their friends, even just sit on the couch and enjoy their favorite TV show. And yes; for this you will need to refresh your house rules, like TV time, play time etc.

9. Reward their Accomplishments

Next to your Priorities Calendar and House-Rules List, there must be a Rewards List as well. Everything they do or don’t -based on your previous two lists-, must have a positive and a negative consequence. By knowing what the reward or consequence is each time, your children will likely be more disciplined, and you will be less worried about them! But remember, this subject must be addressed frequently and with consistency.

10. Have Open Conversations with Them

We wouldn’t add anything else to complete this short list, but the daily communication you should have with your children. Once the above are done successfully, only thing left is to be next to your children every day, celebrating their achievements, reminding them not to give up on their failures, and always encouraging them to keep going and doing great. Be there when they need to talk about a bad day at school, a difficult exercise at math, or anything else that concerns them.

Here you have them; 10 tips to help calm your children’s fears (and your own), and hit the ground running academically this school year. And all of these, by getting back into a regular schedule easily!

Are you ready to get started? Good luck and remember: the idea is to retrain your children’s brain. To see the courage on their face, give them time to let things explain! Be their guidance, and they will be your pride! ☺ 


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