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An Inspiring Letter from a Mom Who Raised a Reader Genius

“I had no idea of the wondrous effects that reading can have on a child.” – Georgies Mummy

To make our children fall in love with books, or even further to start reading, perhaps writing as well,  on their own could be a very difficult task, but sometimes it could be the unexpected result of that simple daily habit as parents (adults) have, to read them stories.

This is how Eleni puts it in her words; Georgie’s mummy, who sent us the inspirational letter below.

Georgie is a proof of what the researches on the relationship between child and book tell, and a source of inspiration for every parent who wants to see their children grow up with books, learning and being inspired by them. As such, to achieve this, it is extremely important to give your children the right examples, start reading to them as early as possible, and encourage them to express themselves both, orally and in writing.

So, tell us Eleni:

“I can’t remember the exact moment I realized Georgie was able to read -as in reading properly. Not just words and short sentences, but books and magazines, and street signs, and subtitles. It makes me a bit sad that I can’t pick a moment and marvel at it. But then I catch myself smiling because it doesn’t really matter when the exact moment occurred – perhaps there wasn’t even one specific moment. Because now my child could read, and few things make me happier than hearing his booming little voice reading stories from his bed, as I pass by picking up his dirty socks off the floor.

When his dad and I began reading to him at bedtime, when he was around the age of two and a half, we had no intentions or end results in mind, other than bringing him closer to the magic world of books. We were first time parents with no idea of how wondrous the effects of reading can have on a child.

We read to Georgie every night. Every single night, after his bath and once he was snuggled in bed, we would chose a book and read to him. Yes, there were times when we were tired, knackered, stressed from work, in a hurry, sad or angry. But no matter what was going on in our lives, Georgie always got his reading time, whether that was ten minutes or half an hour at the end of the day.

I loved reading to him in funny voices. I still do! My old favorites of Dr. Seuss and my new favorites of MyBook Heroes include the perfectly weird and beautiful characters to which I can change and adapt my talent for various voices. I think that may have played a role in how Georgie came to love books.

Every night, my excitement and love for words jumped off those pages and danced around in his imagination, creating all sorts of wonderful ideas that came to fruition this year when Georgie began primary school and I sat, down for my first parent-teacher meeting. I heard things such as ‘his reading level is higher than most of the kids his age’, ‘his vocabulary is amazing’, ‘his writing skills are truly wonderful.’ I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that the simple task of reading to my child every night -even if it was for ten minutes- had such an impact on his development.

The most beautiful reading moment I will cherish forever, was when Georgie read a book to his baby brother, Danny. He was merely a few weeks old, fussing and crying on the bed. I was busy preparing his bath, running back and forth with his bottle, his clothes, and various creams, when Georgie walked in with a book in his hand. He sat down next to his little brother and began to read. And just like that, Danny went quiet. And I stopped being so busy, and watched as a few words and a loving voice created the most perfect moment.”

This is amazing, right?

If you want your children to learn to love books, read and write on their own like Georgie does, then it might be the time to start “building” the right environment, with the right examples, and the right books for them!

MyBook Heroes brilliant series of personalized books is definitely an important tool in accomplishing your mission! The unique format of these children’s books, with the child being the hero of the story, not only will surprise them and keep them attached to their pages and words, but it will teach them important life skills as well!

Georgie got his own MyBook Heroes book too recently, and according to his mum, “[he] couldn’t believe it! He kept saying ‘no way! No way!’ He read the whole thing in one go and then started writing about it too!”

You can follow more of Georgie’s and his mum’s stories in their blog,

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