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A Smart Way to Save Money When Shopping for your Little heroes!

Look what we found for parents who want to be smarter with their money!

Having a baby brings along a chaos of wonderfully mixed emotions. If you find yourself on this blog it can only mean two things; either you’ve been through these emotions already, or you will go through them in the near future.

As a new parent, and especially if you’re a first-time parent, your stomach might do flip-flops at the very sight of newborn baby clothes and any other newborn essentials. But then another thought comes in; the expenses for these essentials. Even though we know that no matter how much we try not to rely on material goods, there are unexpected expenses for every house that welcomes its new member.

Having this in mind, we thought of introducing a site we have already tried ourselves and we believe it will prove to be as useful for you, as it was for us. The site is, the only price comparison shopping engine in Cyprus. (the funny part about the name of this site is that in Cypriot Greek “ppissis” means stingy).

The page is not only addressed to stingy people, but to those who want to save money by making smart purchases. The basic function of the site is the comparison of prices between similar products that each parent can find in shops in Cyprus.

For example, if you need a baby feeding bottle or any other food essential for the baby, you can visit the relevant page on and you can find almost all the products of the online stores in Cyprus. Beyond that, you can either compare the price of a particular product among the online stores that the product is available at or browse and find the product that best suits your needs among dozens of other products in the category.

Our team at MyBookHeroes has recently discovered, and after trying it out ourselves we now recommend it to you. There are many different categories that cover almost every need of a family welcoming a new member. From food products to baby clothing and furniture for the baby’s room, to baby travel gear.

Many other product categories are available on the site of course, and you can compare prices about anything you may need, ranging from mobile phones and laptops to televisions and refrigerators.

Also, we need to point out that MyBookHeroes has a special place in the books category of the site.

We hope our proposal is useful for every family with new or existing little heroes. As we have already mentioned before, the upbringing of our little ones should not be based on material goods. Therefore, every tool that reduces the hassle of searching for everything we need for the new member of the family, is always welcome and appreciated.



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