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A Fun List of Summer Activities for Children

There are several ways to spend their time amazingly, and these might differ in terms of ‘noise’, price, and ‘quality’.

Summer is probably the best season of our little stars, as they have the entire days playing and having fun. They enjoy meeting up with their friends, watching their favorite TV shows, sleeping less, and doing more. And even though we are jealous of all this free time they have, it makes us happy to see them being active and busy on their favorite things! Don’t forget, that after an overwhelming school year, this is all they are waiting for, and we can’t wait for it too!

There are several ways to spend their time amazingly, and these might differ in terms of ‘noise’, price, and ‘quality’. The list below is based on our experience with our children during this summer so far, and you could apply it this August, and every day you spend with your kids till next summer. We promise, you will have a great time together… or apart!

Here we go. Enjoy!

1. Have a picnic in the park

2. Go on a camping by the sea

3. Lay on the ground and make shapes out of the stars (Alternatively, identify the shapes of the clouds.)

4. Visit an art, history, or science museum (Depending on your kid’s taste.)

5. Bake cookies together and decorate them with sugar-paste and sprinkles

6. Draw a family’s member portrait or your own

7. Write and illustrate the (first) book of your everlasting sequel: “My Summer Diary”

8. Visit a place you’ve never been before, take photos, and make a collage to tell a story about it

9. Start a collection of sea-shells or colorful sea-stones

10. Organize or attend a treasure hunting event

11. Play water-balloon baseball

12. Fly a (D.I.Y.) kite

13. Challenge yourself to read as many books as you can

14. Build the biggest sand-castle in history

15. Do something you’ve never done before (It could be a water-sport or anything else you like!)

16. Try original ice-cream flavors (Candy-floss is our favorite!)

17. Visit a zoo and learn everything about your favorite animal

18. Make a new true friend

19. Develop a new power-skill (Determination is one the champions have!)

20. Have a (colored) foam shower

21. Create a jungle out of origami-paper-made animals

22. Make your very own (glitter) slime

23. Organize or attend a water-balloon fight (Alternatively, a colored-powder fight.)

24. Tell your family how much you love them

25. Exchange anonymous letters with your family members, telling them something about you, in order to guess who you are

26. Play hide and seek together

27. Go for a family bike ride (Alternatively, for a horse ride.)

28. Discover and develop a new hobby

29. Establish the Walky-Talky Hour to have amazing conversations while walking in the street or anyplace

30. Do something kind for a stranger (Offer your bus-seat to an elder person, give flowers to the sick children in the hospital, offer a poor person a generous meal! etc.)

31. Have a car-wash together

32. Make the most delicious milkshakes in the world (Alternatively, squeeze some lemons to make a very refreshing lemonade!)

33. Learn how to introduce yourself in at least 5 new languages

34. Plant a tree and name it after your name or anything else you like

35. Make some yummy fish-shaped pancakes

36. Organize or attend an outdoor movie screening

37. Do the shopping together and buy something you’ve never bought before to try it

38. Make incredible Jello Aquariums in Jello cups

39. Create a wave bottle out of colored sand

40. Create a personalized superhero cape out of a T-shirt

41. Mix the plots of two stories you know and ask your friends to identify them

42. Learn to play your favorite song’s refrain on a music instrument

43. Play a scene of the book you are currently reading, together

44. Do your very first homemade video or audio recording of singing, dancing, or ‘TV presenting’

45. Invite the families of your kids’ friends at home to spend the day together

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