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8 Reasons Why These Books are Better than any Other Books for your Child

From Unique Bedtime Stories to Daytime Achievement!

We can start with the obvious, which is the amount of love we pour into making our books! But let us dig a little deeper and see why our books are seriously the best books for your children.

Before we go any further we would like to thank you for reading this, and for taking the time to explore on what can make a huge difference to your child’s self-confidence.

You will read our reasons soon, but we need to also let you know that our mission is simple yet extremely important! We want to guide children to trust their abilities as early as possible in life.

We want children to grow up and be confident, well-adjusted joyful people who dare to live life!

Without further delay here we go:

1. The Obvious Personalization

In every single one of our books YOUR child is the hero! You can choose the avatar, write their name, choose their favourite cover, pick a language, and write your personal dedication. The era of personalized books is now! There are many reasons why these books are selling like crazy, and some of them include the fact that children do connect easier with the book, and let’s admit it, it is so cool to be the hero! I wish I had these books growing up!

2. The Life Skills

Our Secret Recipe is all the magic here!

Have you ever wondered why some straight ‘A’ students don’t do very well in life while others tend to do much better with no strong grades?

Each and every sign one of our books has at the core an important life skill! All these skills are extremely critical on how well we do life. This includes, personal and professional success. Unfortunately, the academic system is not emphasizing these skills as much.

Early book experience does make all the difference on how our little brains are shaped!

This is why we design and write every book with the intention to empower your child.

3. The Illustrations

Our illustrations are alive with all sorts of original interesting creatures! We even hide things for you to find! Vibrant colours, original characters, and fun settings will get the imagination roaming! We know what we are doing, we are all parents in this! 😉

4. The Connection with the Book

The connection children create with our personalized books is amazing! It makes all the difference to see a random hero on the pages or to see YOURSELF!

We hear from parents constantly how their kids feel closers to the books, and how proud they are to see their name in the book and they engage with the story faster. They also appear to remember the plot and the message much easier.

5. The Wow Factor that They are Heroes!

This is a cliché phrase but not all heroes wear capes.

We know that each and every one of us has a hero inside. Given the right nurturing and the right support, the hero can shine!

We want children to understand the power they have over their own lives and that ultimately they are responsible for the outcome of their real life story.

This is an extremely powerful message to grasp even as adults. But the sooner we start the better chance we give them to be the best version of themselves.

6. The Rhymes

You will have fun, we promise! When it all rhymes you can’t help but want to read the books.

Rhymes are proven to help children develop cognitive skills, strengthens communication skills, language and literacy skills, it strengthens the brain and general memory skills.

We can stop here and I think we made our case very clear!

Buts let’s see two more reasons why your child needs to be a MyBook Hero!

7. The Personal Dedication

Your words matter to your children, but sometimes they don’t listen!

Information overload can happen to anyone on of us. So imagine your best advice and expression of love saved forever at the back of our books. They can always go back and reread that special wish, that you’ll always be there, or that special advice you wrote at the back of the book, about how important it is to follow your dreams no matter what. It will make a difference to them, we promise.

8. The Belief We have in MyBook Heroes

This is a personal reason we have, but it does make a difference for you to know. These books are not a product of a huge investment opportunity (well not yet anyways).

These books are a product of love and hope. The entire team has dedicated over a year of no salaries and no safety nets, because we truly believe these books need to be in front of children!

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