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8 Ideas for Home Fun Activities During Hot Weather

Here are some creative ideas to keep your children busy and cool during the hot summer days.

Summer is here, the schools are closed, the weather is hot and the kids are easily bored.  Here are some creative ideas to keep your children busy and cool during the hot summer days.

1. Smoothies

Smoothies are healthy and will give you and your little ones the energy boost you need during a hot summer day.  You can find a ton of smoothie’s recipes online, but a super easy one and a kids’ favourite, is to put frozen fruits, some honey and milk in a blender and mix it all together.   You can then leave it up to your kids to do the decoration, using whipping cream, colourful straws, sprinkles, or candy, to make it more playful.

2. Fishing

Keep your toddlers busy with this one.  Put all kind of water friendly toys in an inflatable pool filled with water and ask them to collect them with a net.  Make the game more educational by using plastic letters or numbers and asking them to pick the right one.

3. Water fights

This is the ultimate water game and the most obvious answer to a hot summer day.  Use squirt guns, water balloons, any water container or even water hoses and let the games begin!

4. Water Balloon Pinata

This is a super fun game to cool off during the hot summer days. Use a rope to hang water balloons in your backyard.  Get your kids in their swimming wear and ask them to pop the balloons using a plastic bat or a stick.

5. Fairy themed Treasure Hunt

Not just any kind of treasure hunt but a Fairy Treasure hunt.  Hide different fairy objects in the garden and have your kids try to find them.  Use any objects which can be related to the fairies, such as coins, candy, handwritten quotes, small old toys, fancy buttons and anything else you can think of.  You can alternatively organize a pirate themed treasure hunt, a dinosaur themed treasure hunt, or any other theme your kids would like.

6. Talent show

It was two years ago when my son and his neighbourhood friend decided to organize a talent show party.  The idea kept all the children in the neighbourhood busy for over a month and they have been doing it every summer ever since.  To organize the whole thing, they have daily meetings to take care of all the details, such as the invitations, the treats, the decoration, the programme of the show etc.  They also have meetings to rehearse their presentations, which remain a secret from the parents until the day of the show. Best part of it all is the older children mentoring the little ones and when the day finally comes, it’s a big party for both children and parents.

7. Watch the night sky

There’s no better time to watch the night sky than Summer time. The clear, summer night sky is so fascinating to watch.  Explore this wonderful display with your kids and get the chance to talk to them about the different stars, the constellations, the moon, other planets and the Universe in general.

8. Read A Book

Summer days are long and hot and not all hours are suitable for outdoor playing.  Kids do need to rest, especially during midday, so take the chance and make this time a reading time.  Reading a book will help them rest and take a nap, to go on with their day more calm and energized.

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