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7 Ways to Help your Kids Succeed in School

Success is a team job and it surely involves us, as parents. Here are 7 ways to help your kids succeed in school.

All parents want to see their children succeed in school.  For sure, success in school depends on the school system and on our children’s abilities, but that’s not only that.  Success is a team job and it surely involves us, as parents. Here are 7 ways to help your kids succeed in school.

1. Reading Books

Reading books is first on our list and this is no accident.  Books are bottomless wells of knowledge and also great skills teachers that definitely help children to succeed both as students and as people. By reading books, children get better at listening, comprehending, concentrating, reading, writing, expressing themselves, they help them enrich their vocabulary, expand their awareness, and so much more.  Start reading books to your children from as early as possible and teach them to love and respect books for what they have to offer. Our books are a good place to start with.

2. Organization

Now, I am a huge fun of organization, because it’s a time saver and a life saver.  So how can organization help a kid succeed in school? Just imagine a kid studying on his lap, on a couch, in front of the TV, or being late for school every day because he can’t find what clothes to wear.  Being organized is extremely important. Start from your kid’s studying area and make sure is clean, tidy and well organized. Organize your kid’s closet and put apart his school clothes and other items he takes to school, to make his morning routine easier and less stressed.  Organize your children’s every day schedule, to manage their time and your time better and have the chance to relax, or have fun.

3. Homework

Kids are often unwilling to do their homework and this is due to a number of factors.  Whatever the case, it is extremely important that children finish their homework and turn it all in the next day. With homework children repeat and practice what they have been taught at school, setting a more solid foundation for the teacher to build on next. It is our responsibility, as parents, to make our children realize the true value and importance of homework and help them to consciously choose to study at home.   Find some useful tips to help your children do their homework in our article: «Mom, I do not want to study».

4. Parent – Teacher communication

Build a good relationship with your child’s teacher to keep track of his progress and receive some valuable advice on how to best help the child become even better. Even if your child is a good student, there are always things that you might be missing out.  The teacher will also tell you whether there are learning, behavioural, social or other problems that the child might be facing and not telling you about. Such problems might have a negative impact on the child’s progress at school if not addressed on time.

5. Sleep – Nutrition – Exercise

Mind and body are interconnected.  Put your children to bed as early as possible, especially at school nights, so to give them enough time to sleep and rest.  Make sure they have a good quality sleep by putting them to bed, reading them a story, singing them a song, or talking with them about something nice, instead of letting them watch TV or use the internet before sleep. Plan a healthy and balanced diet for your children, including lots of fruits and vegetables and limit sugar, junk food and other unhealthy food to the minimum.  Incorporate activities that involve exercise, like sports, or dancing in your kid’s daily schedule. That way they will build strong bodies, to house strong minds.

6. Train their brains

We live in a world of endless information and knowledge and school is for sure not teaching your children everything.  It’s your job to teach your children how to think, how to question and how to productively argue. Intrigue their imagination by talking to them about this wondrous universe we live in, or by explaining to them how nature works.  Watch the night sky with your children, or take long walks in a forest with them. All children nowadays use the internet. You might as well show them how to use it in their favour, by searching for the right information and learn about new things.  Make your kids love good books by talking to them about all the miraculous secrets they can discover in their pages. But we have mentioned books before, right?

7. No Pressure

School is a priority in a child’s life but it’s definitely not the only one.  Children should be given the chance to enjoy their early years in life, to be carefree, to play and have fun. Teach your children to love school for being a place where they can learn new things, make friendships and have exciting experiences rather than to see it as an arena to run for straight «A»s.  Putting too much pressure on children might have the opposite results than those expected; it can be harmful and even dangerous not only for their success at school, but also for their psychological state. Keep in mind that straight «A»s students are usually not the most successful people in life.


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