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6 Ways to Inspire Kids to Be Kind

Even the smallest act of kindness is powerful enough to brighten a bad day, bring people together and restore faith in humanity.

״In a world where you can be anything, be kind״

This is one of my favorite quotes for there is so much power and greatness in kindness.  Even the smallest act of kindness is powerful enough to brighten a bad day, bring people together and restore faith in humanity.

And while unkindness and judgment create feelings of discord and anxiety, kindness is a source of pure ease and happiness.

But can we teach, inspire and encourage our children to be kind and make this world a better place? The answer is definitely yes and these are some ways to do it.

  1. Be an example

Obviously! Children tend to mimic our behaviors, so whatever we do, they‘ll take it in and recreate it.  If we, as parents, are kind and treat others accordingly, our children will do the same.

Teaching and telling are ok but don’t miss a chance to SHOW your kids what is the right thing to do.

So be kind! Your kids are watching! Be kind to them, to yourself, to the people around you, to nature, and raise some kind kids.  

  1. Train your children’s hearts

Have you ever wondered what effect it would have if we spend an equal amount of time and effort in training our children’s hearts, as we spent on training their minds?

Training our children’s minds is great.  We all want to see them succeed academically and have great careers when they grow up etc etc.  But has the heartfelt a little behind because of all this attention and energy we give to the mind?

What if we tried a little more to teach our children about love, compassion, and kindness? I really think that our kids would be happier now, and when they grow up, and the whole world would be better.

Don’t think about it! Put it in your daily schedule! Heart training!

  1. Be kind at school

School is a great starting place for our children to learn some valuable lessons and spread some kindness.

There are children who are less popular at school, shyer than others, more left behind, or in any disadvantageous position in general.  It is our responsibility to explain to our children that there may be certain difficulties or challenges responsible for each child’s situation or behavior and that they have a duty to embrace and be kind to the children who need it the most.

But there are more things you can teach your kids that will trigger their kindness within the school environment, such as:

-Respect for all children, for the teachers and everyone else working at the school

-Good manners

-Standing up for the weak and for what is right

  1. Helping those in need

People in need are all around us, you just have to keep your eyes open.  You can choose to help individually or join a group, or an organization whose mission is to help people in need.  Donating, fundraising or working for such a cause and having your kids involved too, will give them the lessons and the inspiration needed to be kind.

But people in need are not always in need of material goods.

Elderly people, or sick children in hospitals, might be in need of a new friend, someone to keep them company, or someone to talk to.

A sick neighbor or a friend might be in need of some help until he/she gets better.

A sad child might be in need of a joke and some laughing.

Teach your kids to spot the gaps and fill them in with acts of kindness!

  1. Use science to inspire Kindness

Wait! What?

Well, humans are not the only living beings in need of kindness and even though children may be inherently kind, sometimes, out of fear, ignorance or pure curiosity, they can be cruel or do harm to plants, animals, or the earth itself.

Here’s where science kicks in, to help us give our children a whole new perspective on nature. Teach your kids to respect and be kind to nature, by showing and explaining that plants and animals may have families, or live in complex societies and struggle for survival.  So next time you see a kid trying to destroy an ant colony for example, or squish a bug, explain how the ant colony works, or how a beehive works, or how a bird’s nest works.

To really amaze and inspire your children, show them a video of the singing plants experiments, or Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments.  These experiments prove that all living beings and even water have their own intelligence and respond to certain emotions.  My kids became so much more empathetic, respectful and kind to nature after that.

  1. Spreading Kindness

To be kind you don’t have to turn the world upside down.  The following small, random acts of kindness will give you and your kids the inspiration to go out and sprinkle the world with some fairy dust.

  • Leave loving messages around the house for your family members to find
  • Play with your younger brother/ sister
  • Teach things you know to a younger kid
  • Help an elderly carry the groceries
  • Offer your seat on the bus to someone who needs it more than you
  • Send postcards to sick children in hospitals
  • Visit the kids in hospitals
  • Smile
  • Make someone laugh
  • Help with chores
  • Leave a <treasure> at the park for another kid to find
  • Leave funny notes for other people to find
  • Share your lunch with a kid who didn’t bring his at school
  • Make your teacher a DIY present
  • Bake a cake for your neighbors
  • Help a neighbor clean his/her garden
  • Look after someone’s pets during his/her holiday
  • Volunteer
  • Recycle
  • Plant a tree (or lots of trees)
  • Leave food and water for stray animals and birds (especially in the Summer)
  • Set <spreading kindness> as your annual goal with your classmates


And don’t forget to acknowledge your children’s acts of kindness, mention the good impact these acts had and encourage them to keep up the good work!!!

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