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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

Books are portable magic! Reading books helps the child develop imagination.

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Children are exhibiting increasing signs of attention issues worldwide. These children will choose playing a short game over reading a book if they have the choice. This contributes to further decrease in their attention span. As a result, they miss out on the rewards of focusing and reading.

Children reach a point of paralysis over analysis, due to the constant stimulation and options. There is a point where in our effort to do everything, nothing gets done.

How to encourage your child to read?

  • Promoted a reading friendly culture at home. Eliminate loud constant noises, bad lighting and other external stimulation. All these steps can help build a healthy, calm environment to focus and read.
  •  Encourage regular reading of books at school and at home. Pick a time where you can read with them, or everyone reads their own book and later you can discuss what you liked about the books.
  • Parents should begin sharing book suggestions with other parents.
  • Find out what books your child enjoys reading, and support their access to books on those topics.
  • Make it a fun activity to go to local bookstores and discover new books.

Create your own customized book now, where your child can see themselves walk through the story.

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