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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Creativity and Children

Here is why creativity is extremely important, and every child needs to explore their potential

Creativity predicts a longer life span

Multiple studies have shown that being creative can reduce the risk of mortality and add more years to an individual’s life.

The most recent findings of a study were published on the Scientific American Magazine.

The article explain the connection of longer life span and creativity because creativity uses a variety of neural networks that have a positive impact on things that can usually cause shorter life spans such as stress, anxiety and negative emotions. In other words creativity improves medical outcomes.  Psychologists are globally recommending creative arts / activities to help patients overcome emotional blocks and manage their emotions in a positive manner.

Creativity develops your problem solving skills

This is evident all around us! Just taking a look at the biggest most successful companies currently, we can see how they used creativity to address a problem. This way they created a product that solves a problem for the consumer. But even on a smaller scale, being creative will ultimately allow your children to solve problems faster in a fun enjoyable manner! Forget frustration, invite creativity in!

Creativity develops stronger confidence

 Confidence is at the core of everything we do here at MyBook Heroes. We promote anything that can help our little ones to get a stronger sense of self at a younger age. When they create, and they see the result they feel proud. It is an achievement and something they can identify with.

Let’s take for example an empty canvas. Give them paint and watch then go through the motion of making a mistake, painting over it, getting happy or upset with the result and eventually completing their own piece of art! This process teaches more than just the power to create, it also helps them understand that along with creativity you will feel frustration and you will make errors. As long as you don’t give up you will get there. This ladies and gentlemen will give them confidence.

Creativity is necessary for success

Creativity is nowadays seen as a rare and well paid skill, especially when combine with good business sense. In a very competitive global market we are seeing that the few who stand out are the ones who are bold and dare to create the ‘new trend’ or the new product. It is part of our DNA as consumers to always look for something new, so if we teach our children to dare to create and experiment with their creativity, you never know what this can bring back in return.

Also, on a personal note, I believe for a healthy spirit we absolutely need to be creative. This can include writing, painting, designing clothes, or any product etc. Even jobs who are pretty standard in their procedures (or boring dare we say) we are seeing people upgrading how they are done by using a dash of creativity.

So creativity will help bring success on more than just a career level, but also on a personal satisfaction level.

Part of our birth right is to create! We are born curious and full of ideas! We just need to allow this part of us to grow.

Creativity breeds innovation

It seems that innovation is the pulse of our economy now and all the people who are making a difference and leading the world to change are the creative kind. They either had to get creative about a product or service, or how they communicated with the public, or how to simplify their business etc. But they did use their creativity to do that.

Therefore we want to encourage you to push you little one to create art, literature, build toys, say stories, design a better version of a toy they have! Anything to get them in the habit of feeling comfortable when expressing themselves!


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