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3 + 1 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Your Kids

It’s currently the Easter and it is the perfect time for our little artists to explore art in the kitchen!

It’s currently the Easter week and it is the perfect time for our little artists to explore art in the kitchen! No, we don’t mean painting the walls once again, but decorating the Easter eggs with you, in 3+ 1 creative ways! Get your eggs ready, and let’s get started!

Dye your Eggs the Conventional Way!

To do this, you should first boil your eggs in a pan of medium temperature water for about 15 minutes, then remove them, and allow them to cool. You should, then fill a plastic container with half of a cup of water, a teaspoon of white vinegar, and about twenty drops of the food coloring you will use, soak them, and see them getting the color you want! The rest is up to kiddos… Once the eggs dry, they might want to proceed with the following decorations.

Dip them in Glitter maybe?

For this particular decoration, we suggest using some plastic or carton-made eggs, instead of real ones. Now wear your plastic gloves and get started! At first, you might want to paint your eggs in any color and wait until they completely dry. Once ready, you will need to apply as much glue as possible to cover all sides of your eggs. Then, you will put each egg into a plastic cup, and pour glitter all over them. You will let them dry for about half to an hour, and that’s it! You’re done!

Or make them your Canvas?

This is so simple! To go ahead, get the eggs we prepared and let dry as seen in step No.1 above, cover your working area with some newspapers, and bring your acrylic paints and (fine-pointed) paint brushes. Now start painting one-half of your eggs at a time, in any technique and in any design you desire. Let your eggs rest for about 15 minutes to dry, and da-da… Mini masterpieces, from mini lovely artists!

Or go Pro’s and use some Silk instead?

For this last but not least creative decoration, you will need an old, colorful and silk garment, such as a bandana. Cut your garment and wrap it around your egg, leaving at least 5 centimeters of excess fabric. Make sure that you wrap the egg the side you would wear the garment, and be careful not to break your egg in the process! Now secure the fabric at the top of your egg, using a twisty tie, and wrap your egg with a second layer using a light colored fabric this time. Boil your wrapped egg for about 20 minutes, in a pot with water and a quarter of a cup of vinegar. Then put it aside, give it about 10 minutes to cool, unwrap it, and enjoy your crafted work!

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