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25 Little Everyday Acts of Kindness for Children

What we can do, to avoid meeting people that treat us bad, is to treat our children better. Here are 25 little everyday acts of kindness to inspire them with!

How much will you spend to receive a smile before you go to work?

Imagine beginning your day with a smile and a happy mood on to do the things you do every single day. Think about all those co-workers, all those people you meet when you go to the supermarket, all the people you meet each day. Would you like to receive a smile and a ‘Hello’ from them? Why wouldn’t you? Little acts of kindness can change the way we feel and disappear any negative thought we are doing at the moment.

You must treat people as you want them to treat you. The best case scenario is that we all care for each other and respect each other’s’ freedom.

What we can do, to avoid meeting people that treat us bad, is to treat our children better. They will be a big part of our society in a few years, and if we want to make a change, let’s guide them to the right pathway.

Here are 25 little everyday acts of kindness for our children:
1. Wake them up with a smile and some breakfast
2. Tell them that you love them, at a random moment during the day, where they do not expect to hear these words
3. Ask their opinion on every occasion. Make them feel valued
4. Hide a letter in their reading book, saying how special they are
5. Ask them how was school. Discuss with them any concerns and congratulate them for every success
6. Say Bravo! To all acts of kindness they do
7. Draw them a smile on a paper every day. You can even put it in their school bag so they can find it later and smile
8. Compliment them for everything. Say how smart they are, how beautiful and strong they look, and yet again, how much you love them
9. Give them flowers. Tell them to plant and look after them. As you show that you care they will show that they care for the plant
10. Fix their hair and do your hair the same to support their look
11. Talk hours about what they like
12. Do their hobbies with them
13. Say hello to people so they learn to greed the people they see as well
14. Make their favorite food just because they deserve it
15. Have them to write a thank you letter to their best friends. Do the same with them
16. Do their homework together
17. Tell them funny stories when you were at the same age
18. Make jokes to make them laugh even if they do not feel sad
19. See a movie together that will definitely inspire them
20. Always knock the door before entering their room. They need space, and you only need to be kind to them
21. Spend a night at your yard, watching the stars together
22. Help them decide what they should wear. Ask them to help you as well
23. Donate used books to a local library or a non-profit organization to help other children. Together!
24. Simply say thank you to them each time they do something
25. Just love them. Unconditionally, love them.

Whatever you do, you must always know that they will imitate you. You are the main role in their lives. Your attitude will be their attitude. The will treat the others as you treat them. Be the person you want your children to be. Be the hero they want to be. Lead by example in every occasion!

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