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10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids and Parents

Incredible ideas to keep your kids busy at home for hours!

Make a reading space in your house

Reading is one of the most exciting hobbies. Reading becomes so much more when we have a designated space, a reading nook, somewhere in the house. Throw a lot of pillows, some stuffed animals and a few piles of books, and create a magical corner where anyone can escape for some quality reading time.  Having a designated space also increases attention span.  This good habit will also improve their vocabulary, imagination and communication skills.


Thanks to the quick access to TV and all things digital, today’s generation of kids is losing out on their creativity. That is why we suggest putting some time on the side and practicing drawing/painting skills. This activity is perfect for cold winter days!

Once prompted to start, children find this activity as a lot of fun since it allows them to express themselves and create.  Some of the benefits your child will be exposed to if they take on drawing / painting include improved memory, improved creativity, better communication skills, stress relief, more positive emotions, assistance in releasing hidden blocked emotions and increase in their emotional intelligence.

Story Writing

This activity is a lot of fun! Get as many people as you can together, and make stories together. You can decide how you want to execute this, but some ideas are for one child to choose the names of the main characters, the other to choose the location, you choose the adventure situation and so on. And when you have all the elements together you can all contribute a sentence as a time and see how the story evolves. This activity is a great way to spend quality time with them, and parents end up having a lot of fun!


The Japanese form of art might seem difficult at first glance but it is very rewarding for children. To gain the understanding that they can make sometimes great, 3 dimensional out of a flat piece of paper allows them to gain an appreciation of simple tools. Benefits include the development of eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal-spatial skills, and math skills. A big plus is that all you need is some pieces of paper, and an instructional youtube video to get you started. Check out our origami videos HERE. Once the child gets the basics, they do not need supervision which also frees your time to do some reading, cleaning or simply relaxing.

Watch classic movies

There are some things that never go out of style. A classic movie is one of them. Curling up on the sofa under super soft blankets with a bowl of popcorn and hot cocoa on a cold day is one of the most funs things to do for sure! Watch a classic movie with your children, perhaps something that they would not watch alone, The Wizard of Oz, a random musical, Mary Poppins etc. Or you can always go to something more mainstream, like a Disney movie.

Cook something easy

it is good that children are introduced to household activities early on in life. What better way to be creative and productive?  By being able to prepare a dish on their own (no matter how simple it is) children develop a feeling of accomplishment which in turn boosts their self-confidence by leaps and bounds. Also, children get immense satisfaction by doing something for their parents. So long the meal ‘is safe ‘ taste it and tell them they did a good job! Or go ahead and suggest to them ideas like adding sugar, cinnamon, salt or other condiments to enhance the taste!

Board Games

Board games like Monopoly, Scrabble or Jenga will never go out of fashion and are enjoyed by children and parents alike.


Glass painting and pottery are some good crafts options that one can consider for their kids. Pottery, knitting and cross stitch are also worth a shot. But there is a learning curve here and children might be prompt to instant gratification. This is a good chance to teach them patience.


Puzzles force the children to put their intellectual capabilities to use. Other benefits include the development of cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, fine motor development, and hand-eye coordination skills. Go the extra mile and pick a puzzle you would like to hang in their bedroom. This will keep the focus because they know they will be able to enjoy the result for a long time!

Indoor Treasure Hunt:

This is possibly the MOST fun for children but it takes some prep work from the parent’s end. You can also Google readymade treasure hunts and just start with those.

This will keep them busy for hours (if you do a good job at hiding the hints!) And the excitement of finding treasure is the ultimate fun for children of all ages!

This type of activity has a lot of benefits too, but the main one is that it enables exploration and discovery and problem-solving!

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